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Kindness on the curriculum

What do you do when life deals you one of those and your whole frame of reference is shaken?

Over the last 3 years it’s been like that for me – it’s been a ride and a half and always changing. But it makes me realise that perhaps this is how our little ones have been feeling. Maybe they are feeling this but can’t express it – and so the tantrums, the screams, the heightened emotions and the hugs too.
How did I cope – I learned more about it, I tried to control it, I learned to accept and today I continue to try to accept. I was emotional. I had days when I didn’t want to do much, days when I wanted to do so much but couldn’t, days when my mood was up and down, days when it felt so bad I didn’t know what I was feeling, days when things looked like they might be getting back to normal (even though I’m not sure what normal is anymore).

So sod home school for a bit – they’re on their change curve. There’s the denial, the trough of despair, the upwards curves as you start to accept – except it’s not a simple curve … it’s more like a rollercoaster at the moment.

So maybe my 3 years have been a dry run for this – equipped me with more patience and tolerance than I used to have. Made me realise that kindness can make such a difference – I kind of knew before but it’s made such a difference. Thank you for kindness – homeschool can wait a bit – let them feel some sort of control, let them wallow and excite as and when.