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You’ll need one to Uber …

Face coverings – are they going to become the new norm? You’ll now need one to get an Uber or an Addison Lee – phone, keys, face covering – check!

Well in SE Asia – they’ve adapted and are wearing them whenever they go out. Pre- Corona landing here – I remember Feb half term when we had relatives texting from Hong Kong asking for supplies. And then when it hit here – they texted asking us if we needed supplies.
It does feel weird wearing one as we’re not used to it. But what’s the harm? If you’re asymptomatic you’re not spreading the germs further and it does provide some sort of protection for you. More importantly, I feel it helps you remember to do things differently – changing your behaviour. If you wear one when you’re out – you’re more likely to remember to physically distance and try not to touch your mouth and nose as much.

Will there be fashions? Christmas versions? Back to school versions? Designer ones?

But let’s be sustainable and use re-usable ones where possible. Let’s save the hard core face masks for those on the front line.
Even better – let’s be sustainable with washable and reuable face coverings and support fundraising at the same time.
Order here and I’ll see what I can do!

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